Tuesday, September 19, 2023

No Town Vandal explores "Showbiz" with Seuss Mace


What makes someone believe they have what it takes to succeed in today’s showbiz market? That’s the question posed and explored on “Showbiz” by Toronto’s No Town Vandal and featured guest Seuss Mace, a fast-rising chopper from Topeka, Kansas. The rate of success is rare when one aims for the top. It can put a target on your back and No Town Vandal is happy to join in the target practice. With rapid-fire deliveries, NTV proclaims he “never gave a damn about hitting the big time” while Seuss declares himself “on the cusp of greatness”. The backdrop is a bouncy trap beat by Croatian producer Zepelin that would serve as the perfect soundtrack to a cartoon sneak scene. A catchy tune that continues No Town Vandal’s string of hits since his recent rebranding, “Showbiz” is on ode to “the starving artists who never give up on superstardom”.  

Written and performed by No Town Vandal and Seuss Mace
Produced by Zepelin

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