Thursday, November 2, 2023

50450 - Ras Kass

Just DEBUTED on #swaysuniverse!!!
#raskass & #Patchwerk reunite to present "50-4-50," the official anthem of #hiphop #hiphop50 50450 celebrates the culture over the Organized Noise produced "2 Dope Boyz (in a Cadillac)" Outkast track as Ras spits a nasty 50 BAR homage to rap and recreates classic hiphop freestyle moments from rap shows like BET the basement, #YoMTVRaps #laleakersfreestyle #coastcontra and more. 
Videography by @Kg-Fi, Cover by Cymande Powered by @patchwerkstudio @DigiwaxxMediagroup @StopbeefinradioTV In celebration of Hip Hop's 50th Anniversary. 

Credits.....Video edited by: KG Fantasy Images for Patchwerk MediaVideo Thumbnail by: Jamaal "J-Willz" Williams idea to do 50 bars - 4 - 50 years: Cymandye Russell Executive Producers: Curtis Daniel III & Ras Kass

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