Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Łasuch - Firewerk | prod. L.A. | cutz Dj Qmak

MaxFloRec presents a guest single by Łasuch - a representative of Lower Silesia. The MC has been active in the underground for years and has become known for his numerous feats and projects. "Firewerk" is his latest number. 

The idea for "Firewerk" was born one New Year's Eve evening, when during a fireworks show, someone from the crowd shouted the phrase starting the chorus. And there it was! Based on the string of associations, the idea for the whole number was born. The music was produced by L.A. (White House), Dj Qmak is responsible for the cosseting cuts, and the video was recorded in London, which perfectly reflects the atmosphere of the UK-inspired soul scene.

The single is a prelude to a full-length album, but release plans are as yet unspecified. Before that happens, there will be a few tracks, which some time later will be bundled into a full-fledged LP," reveals Łasuch.

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