Sunday, November 12, 2023

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #324 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #BoomBapShow #324 [New Season]#BrandNew RONSHA MIX N°324 [New Season] #BoomBapShow supported by SmooVth / Cymarshall Law / Paradime / King Jus / Connect Logic (T.C.S aka Thought Crime Syndicate) / Cyrus Da Zine / Ro$$ay / Hazey82 / Ric Scales (18scales) / J. Arrr / K!NG jvmes / Riley Writts / Josiah Tha Gift / Profit / Es / Da God Wes (Different Breed 860) / The Dead Poetz Society / RhymeStyleTroop / D-Styles / Saga / JuleUnique / Mado / Jae Hu$$le / Mickey O'Brien / The Legend Adam Bomb / I9on / Endemic Emerald / Mike P & Dagha (Sacred Geometry) / Reks / UFO Fev / Camoflauge Monk / Mickey Diamond / Da Inphamus Amadeuz / FRD FRLN / Krookid Hooks / Status The Marlboro Man / Pdotflo (Da U.A.) / AmAZin / Ke Turner / Daniel Son / Ty Farris / Estee Nack / Mr. Ripley / Len-Dor / Ziz / Starvin B / Spoda / Asun Eastwood / Shy The BeatYoda / Marco Polo / A-F-R-O aka All Flows Reach Out / Ciphurphace / Rome Streetz, and more...

1- DJ Crabees "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- Spoda x S Eyes Finest "Valid" (feat. BulletProof Dolla)
3- Different Breed 860 (Da God Wes & Gov Mag) x The Dead Poetz Society "Jewelz"
4- Torae x Marco Polo "More Danger" (feat. Shy The BeatYoda)
5- Mickey O'Brien x Fresh Kils "Alchemy" (feat. The Legend Adam Bomb & D-Sisive)
6- Cymarshall Law x Slimline Mutha "Palm Of My Hand"
7- Riley Writts x Mighty Recordings "Broken" (feat. Josiah The Gift)
8- Kingdom Kome x Dawit Justice "Ain't Falling For It" (feat. Enoch Sol & Una Mercedes)
9- Torae x Marco Polo "Mardi Gras"
10- DJ Akil & Starvin B "In The Rough"
11- I9on x ThirdeyeFocused "Give Thanks"
12- King Jus x Fresh Kils "Embassada" [Cuts by Uncle Fester]
13- Alias Molombo "Boom Bap 3:16" (feat. KRS-One, A-F-R-O & Ciphurphace)
14- Hazey82 "And Ya Don't Stop"
15- Journey Into Zion x Marmota "Danger" (feat. Sine The Last Signal & Suspekt Uno)
16- Torae x Marco Polo "The Return" (feat. Shy The BeatYoda)
17- RhymeStyleTroop x The Dead Poetz Society "Originate" (feat. D-Styles)
18- T.C.S aka Thought Crime Syndicate (Connect Logic & Olbers Paradox) x Marc Cookin Beats "U Never Know" [Cuts by Spindocta]
19- RhymeStyleTroop x The Dead Poetz Society "Battle Scars" (feat. D-Styles)
20- Paradime x Apollo Brown "This High" (feat. A-Minus)
21- 18scales (Ric Scales x Chuck M00n) "Lookin'" (feat. D. Dove)
22- Mado, Jae Hu$$le & Str8bangaz "Hip Hop"
23- T.C.S aka Thought Crime Syndicate (Connect Logic & Olbers Paradox) x Marc Cookin Beats "Sons Of Bombs" [Cuts by Spindocta]
24- Krookid Hooks x Cotardz "Dark Agenda" (feat. Status The Marlboro Man) [Cuts by DJ Awhat!]
25- Cyrus Da Zine "Mastermind"
26- Asun Eastwood, Lex Talionis & Vinyl Villain "The Rabba"
27- FRD FRLN x Piff James "It's Like Dat Part 2" (feat. F.T. of Street Smartz)
28- Snyp Life (D Block) x Em8e Muzik "354 Boss Hog 2"
29- Profit x Sircut Breaker "Is it" (feat. Es)
30- Tragedy Khadafi x Endemic Emerald "Situation Lit"
31- Sacred Geometry (Mike P & Dagha) x 1st Official "Inception" (feat. Reks)
32- Da Inphamus Amadeuz x Pauly Cicero "No Hook Needed"
33- Allah King Wise x Bigg Classic Beats "Reality G Rap"
34- Mr. Ripley, Len-Dor & Bigg Classic Beats "Non Believers"
35- ThisIsHipHopp "Do You Know" (feat. VpLivin)
36- Saga "Never Ask The Question" (feat. Mac Montana)
37- Spit Gemz, Aye Wun & True Cipher "Hand Me Down"
38- Ziz x ThatBlessedGirl "ThatBlessedGirl"
39- Pdotflo (Da U.A.) x AmAZin "Danger Zone" (feat. Ke Turner) [Cuts by Ernie G]
40- Mickey Diamond x Camoflauge Monk "Capital Gains"
41- Young Noble "Outlaw University"
42- UFO Fev x Get Large "Rocking Stages" (feat. Red Inf)
43- JuleUnique x Bambino "P.O.L.O. Style"
44- SmooVth x Giallo Point "Joe Blow (The Loverman Mix)" 
45- J. Arrr x Greeneryy Beats "Triple Threat" (feat. K!NG jvmes & Q Ham)
46- Daniel Son x Wino Willy "Come Down Kit" (feat. Ty Farris)
47- Rome Streetz x Wavy Da Ghawd "Fire At Ya Idle Mind" (feat. Joey Bada$$)
48- Ro$$ay x Gloomy Sxnday "So They Divide"
49- Snackz x Finn "Section 7 Success Story" (feat. Mooch)
50- Estee Nack x Mike Shabb "Black Babies" (feat. Ankhlejohn)
51- Hus Kingpin x Macapella "A Dream Within A Dream"

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