Thursday, November 2, 2023

"Don't feed the bears" by Shabaam Sahdeeq & John Jigg$


Shabaam Sahdeeq and John Jigg$ join forces for the ultimate collaboration titled Dont Feed The Bears. Their first single Tyrant was a smash! That was just a taste of the feast to come! The project is competitive. It's hardcore, edgy boombap with top-notch lyricism from Shabaam and Jigg$. The potent production accompanied by bold bar game is innovative and flows effortlessly throughout the entire project. We can thank producers Tone Spliff, DJ Goblin, Shining 88, Reese, BP, Kevlar 96, Tone Beatz, DJ King Flow and Swab for the invigorating soundscape. There are also powerful features from Estee Nack, Hus Kingpin, Spoda and E the mad assassin that greatly complement the overall chemistry of this well-executed body of work. Shabaam and Jigg$ have curated an instant classic that hip-hop enthusiasts worldwide will enjoy! It's an exhilarating listening experience that takes you on a lyrical journey you won't want to end. Heavy hitting hip hop at its finest! Remember, you were warned, "Don't feed the bears"!

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