Saturday, November 25, 2023

Erntezeit by Lenny20


Krekpek Records presents Lenny20 with the new single Erntezeit.

"Lenny20 is an up-and-coming young rapper from Spandau, who made an impressive entrance into the music scene last year with his talent and unique lyrics. Since then he is under contract with Krekpek Records and is working hard on his music career.
He is known for his honest and intense lyrics, which often deal with topics such as drugs and being a young adult in the big city.
His production credits include Figub Brazlevic, HTN, B-Side, Xumi & KOE The Flavekid. Fans of Lenny20 can look forward to his new EP "Erntezeit", which will be released later this year. The EP promises to give deep insights into his thoughts and feelings.

Lenny20 is undoubtedly a rising talent in the Berlin rap scene, whose music not only entertains, but also makes you think".

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