Thursday, November 23, 2023

EVOLUTION by Daddie Notch ( Bankai FAM Espada 9 )


Album Evolution by DaddieNotch TNE.RECORDS! Reaffirming the strong connection between reggae artist, @DaddieNotch of @BankaiFam and visionary music producer, @bigbobpattison, "Evolution" provides an unusual contrast from both artists regularly scheduled programmes of sound. Daddie Notch's musical versatility will never leave him stranded in his art. He layers this experimental project with spirited and energetic lyricism, while progressive psychedelic-inspired effects and shadowy synths hint at BigBob's inspirations from reggaeton and the EDM genre. Daddie Notch sounds comfortable and at home with his delivery and flow. This project is another example of BigBob's sonic diversity and highlights the strengths that set him apart from his contemporaries.
Evolution album produced entirely by Big Bob Pattison.

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