Saturday, November 4, 2023

Justo the MC & Brelstaff "Urban Testimony"


New Dawn Records has released the new album "Urban Testimony" by Justo the MC and Edinburgh lofi hip hop producer Brelstaff.

The entire subject is documented in a deeply personal narrative that chronicles events during and after the Brooklyn rapper's abbreviated and troubled time as a student at Clark Atlanta University.  Details unfold of a conflicted mind on a potential escape route to academia, rapidly staring down a hedonistic path, and the consequences incurred.  While regrets are clear, the spirit of resilience prevails.  Emerging bruised but undaunted and emboldened by second chances, the final scenes present a renewed sense of optimism for the future with lessons duly learned.

An intriguing and brutally honest tale told through trademark slick rhymes and deft lyricism, the art of storytelling is set to a suitably atmospheric soundtrack provided by Brelstaff's blend of soulful, chilled lofi hip-hop beats and ambient electronica.  Essential listening.

Justo will be performing tracks from the album on Saturday, November 18th at Deep Dive in Ithaca as a special guest of Anthony Kannon and Frost Gamble for their "Cautionary Tales" album release event.

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