Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Kuan Yin of the Streets by Sunya Morikawa & Ananda Arahanta


This is a tribute to all the street goddesses and oracles out there who hustle, heal, love, fight and serve vigilante justice to fight all the evils of the world and never despair even when they do... this is for all of you from across the diaspora, a reminder that no matter how much rap and hip-hop artists have neglected and abused, raped and objectified you in so many ways, you are always stronger than all those idiotic and horrible men...

I just made this album in a few hours today as a tribute to the late and great SixFire aka Ananda Arahant (Jamie Dexter), Rise In Peace, Rest In Power... this is all in double time rhyme schemes, first time I ever made an EP like this.

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