Sunday, November 26, 2023

Let's Take A Trip: The Remixes by SCVTTERBRVIN


In a stunning creative twist, San Diego's very own SCVTTERBRVIN has officially dropped a remix of his critically acclaimed album
"Let's Take A Trip", originally produced by Orko Eloheim. The alternative version, remixed entirely by the artist himself, takes listeners on a
on a psychoactive journey through a multiverse of sound.
This groundbreaking project, presented by Red Lotus Klan,
is set to recaptivate audiences worldwide.

SCVTTERBRVIN's masterful remixing talents have breathed new life into Let's Take A Trip. Fans can expect the unexpected as they explore this parallel universe where familiar verses collide with entirely new sonic environments, creating a dark fusion of genres and emotions.

Known for pushing creative boundaries, the artist has managed to create an alternate version of "Let's Take A Trip" that will leave listeners in awe. Each track on the album is a testament to SCVTTERBRVIN's dedication to artistic evolution and his commitment to pushing the
to pushing the envelope in the world of rap.

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