Friday, November 24, 2023


  Step into the Time Machine with Sparkerdero! 🚀 By Ziz 

Get ready for a journey back to the golden era of hip hop with Sparkerdero – a dynamic duo consisting of the super MC, Peter Sparker, and the beatsmith extraordinaire, K.Dero. Their latest masterpiece, “2nd Round,” is about to drop, and it’s not just an album – it’s a trip down memory lane.

🔥 Unleashing Authenticity: In an industry crowded with trends, Sparkerdero brings you the real deal. Feel the pulse of the early 90s as Peter Sparker’s lyrical prowess weaves tales of urban life and personal triumphs, perfectly complemented by K.Dero’s beats that pay homage to the roots of hip hop.

🎧 4DADJS RADIO Exclusive: Brace yourself for an exclusive premiere on 4DADJS RADIO, the platform that recognizes genuine talent and serves as the gateway to the underground scene. Tune in, turn up, and let Sparkerdero redefine your auditory experience.

🚀 Back to the Future Vibes: Strap in, put on those headphones, and let Sparkerdero transport you “Back to the Future” style. Each track is a portal, inviting you to a world where the essence of hip hop reigns supreme. Nostalgia meets innovation in “2nd Round.”

🌟 Why Settle for Less?: In a landscape of clones, Sparkerdero stands tall, offering a refreshing blend of old-school vibes and contemporary lyricism. This is not just music; it’s a movement, a resurgence of the raw, unfiltered spirit that birthed hip hop.

🔊 Dropping Soon November 22nd 2023: “2nd Round” is not just an album; it’s a testament to the timeless power of hip hop. So, mark your calendars, set your reminders, and be ready to experience Sparkerdero’s sonic revolution. The countdown to authenticity begins now.

Sparkerdero – Taking you on a ride where every beat, every rhyme, is a portal to the essence of hip hop. Don’t miss the “2nd Round” – because this time, it’s not just an album; it’s a cultural reset. 🌐🎶 #Sparkerdero #2ndRound #HipHopRevolution #4DADJSRadioExclusive - Ziz

 @itz_k.dero therealpetersparker @4dadjs_radio @ziz_yall @kennyccummings @_evldjgetrite 🎨Artwork by the great @tanakareese Promo mix by @dj_glibstylez 

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