Thursday, November 9, 2023

SALUT ÇA RAP #Archivos 2 by Guig'z x Mej


💾 [SALUT ÇA RAP #Archivos 2] 💾 with MEJ, according to our calculations, the project is fully available.🎶♾️➗💲🟰™️✖️🎵✔️

In the parameters/variables of this equation, we have taken into account: our shared taste for technical writing (constant), raised to the power of the selected instrumentals. Risk is present with a measured degree of severity. 📐🔎

As a reminder, what are #Archivos? It's files created at an instant T (physical notion) with music buddies, just for the pleasure of making sound together.

The 1st installment has been available since May, and is shared with L'Archÿtexte, Jota Uno, Viniz and Dee Juli'one. Now there's a sequel!

Give info✖️1000 a whirl, and don't forget to listen to it on your favorite platform.

Paz y mucho amor al rap!

**There's no physical release for this 4-track either, but stickers are still available on request if you want to represent as much as possible in your town. There will soon be a CD featuring Archivos 1 + 2 + a surprise**.

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