Thursday, November 30, 2023

Steinway Deluxe by Lt Headtrip


This album is a celebration, an overdue ode to a time and space where the Karma Kids experimented, grew, and strived. The revolving door of Headtrip's studio and home, 25-88 Steinway, Karmastoria, saw countless artists in its fruitful six years. Duncecap, Samurai Banana, Googie, and Gruff Lion all called it home, and many others sought refuge, found a bed, or endured Trip's relentless ramblings and generous imbibing in NYC's bustling hookah bar district, Little Egypt.

Produced entirely by Headtrip, Steinway offers a final glimpse into this legendary collaborative space with over a dozen features. Trip's heavy, pounding drums and bold, sometimes mischievous samples lay an intense foundation for each vocalist to express their unique personalities, all tied together with haunting electric organ and driving bass guitar.

The walls of the Steinway were covered with artwork, the water ran dangerously hot and the cups overflowed, just as this collage of provocative styles enraptures its listeners while leaving plenty of room for playfulness and levity. Cheers to breaking day one last time, ashtrays full, minds swimming with creativity and hearts full of companionship. Remember, the deli is open 24/7 for those who want to keep going.

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