Thursday, November 2, 2023

Supa Kaliente - The Works ft. JRoberts (prod. by IM'PERETIV)


"The Works" is the third single from the highly anticipated "New Levels New Devils" project, a collaboration between Supa Kaliente and IM'PERETIV. This track, featuring JRoberts, brings an unfiltered, authentic hip-hop sound to the forefront.

"The Works" captures the essence of raw hip-hop with gritty guitar samples and showcases the collective talents of Supa Kaliente, IM'PERETIV and JRoberts. The trio's previous collaboration on "Sketch a Hearse" from JRoberts' "Shamrocks and Machine Guns" highlights their creative chemistry.

The track resonates with the hook, "God forbid I gotta leave this Earth, so while I'm here I'ma put in work," reflecting their dedication to their craft.
"The Works" is out now and available on all major streaming platforms. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of "New Levels New Devils".

Supa Kaliente - The Works ft. JRoberts (Prod. by IM'PERETIV)
Written & performed by Supa Kaliente and JRoberts
Produced by IM'PERETIV
Mixed & Mastered by Carvo
Artwork by Nate Butcher Media

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