Sunday, November 12, 2023

TAPE DECK by Philosophy Cole x Nobody!


Let em talk amongst themselves, I keep a couple tools in the belt, never flash till the vibe off and a threat felt, even then I still give allowance cause kids is lost powering through life like tomorrow owe you grace, awfully sour, when the grapes rasin, and the juice gone, eject the tape, prone to bomb first and think late, robberies was the stakes, shots was the hate, it's not this internet crap, or keyboards for pro tech, shun the right, praise the followers so leaders lead self only, all by they lonely, the words frail, in these last days, the snake eat its tail, dummies can't read or write, but fight retail, cost of material can't even play with it on sale, cheap shots, can't untie the knots even with pencils, the deck eat the product, hot or not, I'm chill with the private stock, these abstract thoughts, classical as gladiators, don't axe no questions, I'll spear you, attention, Shield for the winds and collisions, words kill, guard ya tongue, I'm on one - 2 shots for the dead ones, behind acting like they some one else, case closed, news said it was murder. It was suicide to me, coulda been somebody, but now you fertilizing trees, the dirt looking ugly, vanity and greed, yeah you influential, after life gone, insanity inconsequential, stay sleep, the congregation dumbed the lessons down so the guide no longer found, common grounds, uneven - pavements, only misunderstandings and blanket statements to cover the sound, but yeah keep fucking around, round and round, the cycle continues on this Tape Deck instrumental

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