Friday, November 24, 2023

The Cost Of Doing Business by Stallone & Weathers


"The Cost Of Doing Business" marks a significant return for the dynamic group Stallone & Weathers as they break their five-year hiatus with this compelling sophomore album. Featuring the talents of Precyce Politix and producer K-Hill, this album delves deep into themes of reunion and brotherhood, resonating with listeners through its authentic and heartfelt narratives.

The album stands out for its lyrical depth and musical prowess. A highlight is the track "Soul Guard," which features DJ Eclipse of NonPhixion/Rap Is Outta Control. This song showcases the artists' exceptional emceeing skills and sets a high bar for lyrical ingenuity. Other notable tracks include "Blessed Be The One," "Convertible Steez" featuring Brooklyn emcee O.C. of the legendary Diggin In The Crates crew, and "Sacred Panama." Each of these songs intricately weaves the theme of brotherhood, demonstrating the group's ability to blend personal stories with universal themes.

"More than just an album, The Cost Of Doing Business is a statement of resurgence and a promise of what's to come. It serves as a bridge between the group's past and their future, hinting at a series of upcoming releases that are sure to excite the hip-hop community. The album not only celebrates the reunion of Stallone & Weathers, but also reaffirms their place in the hip-hop world, promising a future rich with more storytelling, lyrical finesse and impactful music.

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