Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Wings of Time by Amerigo Gazaway & DJ DN³


Introducing 'Radical Dreamers' by emcee Amerigo Gazaway and producer DJ DN³ - an album that ignites the flame of radical pursuit and encapsulates the essence of fearlessly chasing your dreams.

With a title inspired by the treasure hunters in the game Chrono Cross, the album seamlessly weaves together melodic hip-hop beats, razor-sharp lyricism, the allure of gaming, and the deep desire to fulfill one's desires. Featuring contributions from Mega Ran and SkyBlew, the album is the perfect blend of nostalgia for hip-hop fans, gamers, and retro JRPG aficionados alike.

Pre-order the vinyl/CD/cassette here:

Wings of Time" transports us to a world where we own our own time-traveling airship. It explores the boundless excitement of exploration and the longing to venture into unexplored realms. The infectious Daft Punk inspired hook beckons us to embrace the treasures that await us on this extraordinary journey.

Watch the music video here:

*Also includes a printable "Wings of Time" paper airship template (along with instructions) that contains a secret link to an exclusive bonus remix.

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