Saturday, December 2, 2023

Another Christmas Album by Amerigo Gazaway


Following the success of his 2018 instrumental beat tape, "A Christmas Album," Gazaway turns the concept on its head this time around by stepping up to the mic and collaborating with an all-star cast of emcees including Dillon, Napoleon Da Legend, and Awon.

"Another Christmas Album" is a festive tour through the holiday season, blending traditional Christmas music with contemporary beats, humor, lyricism and a touch of nostalgia. Tracks like "Christmas Staycation (feat. Dillon)" playfully explore the humor and allure of skipping out on family events in exchange for a cozy holiday at home, while "Wreck The Halls (feat. Napoleon Da Legend)" turns up the energy with a boom bap anthem for festive shopping sprees and fresh winter gear. The album as a whole weaves together various holiday experiences, blending storytelling, humor and hip-hop to create a memorable and joyful holiday soundtrack.

"The holiday season encompasses so many different emotions - it can be a time of joy, laughter, peace, togetherness, solitude, self-reflection and so much more. With 'Another Christmas Album,' I wanted to capture some of those feelings on wax while paying tribute to some of my favorite classic Christmas records, books, movies, soundtracks and stories. - Amerigo Gazaway

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