Saturday, December 16, 2023

Krohme - Live Free feat. Chuck D, Scott Crouse & Karl Buechner of Earth Crisis & Craig G

Live Free. Featuring Scott Crouse and Karl Buechner of the legendary hardcore band Earth Crisis, Juice Crew legend Craig G, and the iconic Chuck D of Public Enemy. Produced by Krohme.
Battle rap legend Breez Evahflowin teamed up with Krohme to rework a song they created during the pandemic. GenerationLoud is a Gen-X anthem created by two guys who lived it.
Happy Holidays! 2023 has been pretty awesome for Calm Bomb. We've helped a ton of people, donated thousands to charities, released a bunch of good music, and even launched a radio station. 
2024 will be even better as we connect with many more artists and give them the opportunity to share their music with the world and contribute to projects that continue to help nonprofits. 

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