Friday, December 8, 2023

Lil Ole EP by More Or Les


Following in the footsteps of Kool Keith and MF DOOM, More Or Les takes on an alternative identity with his new release, The Lil' Ole EP. The self-produced 8-track opus of sarcasm and witty cuts features aggressive lo-fi and intergalactic boom bap as a counterpoint to the "giant ass gallery of broke-as-fuck bums stuck on bragging 'bout a salary". Les, as "Lil Ole," doesn't hold back on the middle-aged angst. The record features fellow nerd core phenom Touch 182 (Power Cozmik), West Coast funk flavor supreme Moka Only (Sharp Objects), and fellow Backburner crew members Swamp Thing (Ole Man Logan, and DJ iRATE).

The Lil' Ole EP will be available via URBNET on December 8, 2023, both digitally and as a limited edition cassette featuring the bonus track 'Pepsick'.

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