Friday, December 1, 2023

Sensemann & Operator 5 "ANTAGONIST" by Sensemann & Operator 5


Weapons and armor forged by Operator 5, Sensemann embarks on a long and lonely journey towards the horizon to the mirror of truth. Sharpening his two-handed sword, our young hero leaves his cozy village before the sun kisses the sky. You can twist and turn as much as you like, but betraying your heart means throwing your principles overboard, and a true nobleman can never accept that!
Nobody reckoned with it and yet everybody has been waiting for it: Get the heavyweight 12" lyric classic on 8 chapters from Sensemann & Operator 5 - "Antagonist" now! With guest appearances by Aquarius, who appears with the kind permission of a bottle of vodka, as well as DJ-Kap with the deepest cuts in the history of the 7 Samurai!

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