Sunday, February 25, 2024

Bem II by Juga-Naut


Juga-Naut, cultural renaissance man, master craftsman, has done it again. From the deepest recesses of Nottingham's underground caves, in brain-melting stereo and mesmerizing Technicolor, comes...Bem II. 
Following in the footsteps of 2020's Bem, while defying the outdated belief that a sequel never outshines its predecessor, this is a lyrically ascendant, sonically euphoric, genre-defying, fever-inducing hellcat of an album. Built on the backbone of Juga-Naut's inimitable production, wry, streetwise and knowing poetics, with hooks so catchy they cause problems when swallowed, Bem II gives listeners more funk, more soul, more grooves, more breaks and more grit than ever before. The album's co-stars include incredible artists and collaborators from both sides of the Atlantic, including Crimeapple, Vandal Savage & Yumah. 
Inspired by legendary cinema, each track is cinematic in and of itself, a collection of twelve powerful and timeless songs that together are worth more than a million bland viral videos. When played in the presence of the planet's most notorious haters in a darkened theater on a moonless night, Bem II has the power to unite even the most bitter of enemies.
This album is best listened to just before you decide to ask Jugz in 2024, after more than a decade of releases, if he is "still doing his little music thing?

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