Friday, February 9, 2024

DW Underground x Juxx Diamondz x Solo For Dolo - Catching Flight


DW Underground has teamed up with Juxx Diamondz from Brooklyn and Solo For Dolo from New Jersey. 
DW Underground is a hip hop producer from Malmö Sweden signed to Twoface media. He started producing beats in 2000 and gained a lot of experience over the years using only an MPC which helped him carve out his own unique style of chopping samples and creating his modern sound with that classic East Coast/Boom Bap flavor.
Solo For Dolo is an emcee from Asbury Park, New Jersey.
Juxx Diamondz is a guy from Brownsville, Brooklyn. Together these 3 have created Catching Flight is a hiphop boombap vibe so all hiphop headz can catch the flight.

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