Sunday, February 4, 2024

Joe Sig - No day like pay day

The world is truly not ready, but time waits for no man, woman, person or thing. With that said, the follow up to the underground success of "Rome was Built in a Day" and the debut release for Filesystem Check, is here. Aptly titled "The Intro", the project is a team-up with Joe Sig and the exceptional record producer and capable musician Steven Porter. Together they make up Filesystem Check. The combination of traditional drum patterns, psychedelic rifts, and organic instrumentation, paired with Joe Sig's highly adaptable flow, makes for a musical experience unlike any other in the hip hop or musical space for that matter.
Right from the start of this album, the two artists separate themselves and solidify the uniqueness of their musical contribution by kicking off the EP with a live performance. "Right on Time" truly lives up to its name, providing the listener with soul nourishing lyrics and a smooth baseline. Lines like, "Nobody's perfect and nobody's inherently evil, but trust is hard and I hear that from different people," so candidly encompass the human experience. Throughout the EP, Joe Sig continues to deliver ballads of life and love from the perspective of an inner-city kid now grown up, effortlessly moving through the soundscapes of Steven's production.
These two clearly have a work of art here and a masterful relationship with their respective talents. It will be a real pleasure to see what the future has in store for this prolific pair.

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