Saturday, February 17, 2024

King Bliss x J Scienide x Asun Eastwood - European Beachfront

King Bliss' new single "European Beachfront", taken from the upcoming project "Golgo 19", features J Scienide and Asun Eastwood. The track is a testament to their collective musical prowess, delivering a unique sound that's both refreshing and nostalgic. 
King Bliss offers his listeners a glimpse into his world by creating vivid and dramatic imagery that transports them to different realities. J Scienide then uses his hypnotic cadence as a vehicle to deliver an arsenal of words that linger in the listener's mind long after the song ends. Asun Eastwood then enters the arena and crafts a sonic landscape that's as striking as it is evocative. His raw passion and compelling charisma shine through his verbal onslaught. This unique fusion of styles adds depth and texture to the track, especially with the accompaniment of Bes Kept's transcendent instrumentation.

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