Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Leni Riefenstahl Vol 1 by iNTeLL (2nd Generation Wu)


2nd Generation General and possibly the Abbott of the Wu Gang, InTell Presents Leni Riefenstahl Vol 1. An actor, MC, director, and all time multidisciplinary artist.

Often when a gifted person becomes famous and has a child, society waits to see what talents the child will develop and if they will mirror their parent in any way. iNTeLL, the first born son of U-God of the legendary rap group, Wu-Tang Clan, definitely doesn't disappoint. It's arguable that his pen and cadence may even surpass his father's (which is all we really want as parents anyway), but iNTeLL never misses a beat in paying homage to his pops (and uncles). 2nd Generation Wu is led by iNTeLL with fellow Wu spawn PXWER (Method Man's son) and features SUN GOD (Ghostface Killah's son) and Young Dirty Bastard (Old Dirty Bastard's son). Taji Mag went to Staten Island to talk to iNTeLL about his motivations and his future.

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