Thursday, February 15, 2024

Lonely At The Top by VersaTilla


New York's VersaTilla FINALLY teams up with his LEGENDARY Brazilian producer BRO F-Plus to bring you a LONG OVERdue COLLABORATION track that will make ANY HIP HOP connoisseur HYPED by the sheer RAW ENERGY it BRINGS!
The absolutely EFFORTLESS delivery from Tilla in harmony with the CLASSIC horns delivered by F-Plus is CLEARLY a perfect MATCH!!! This track is meant to be an ANTHEM for those who feel like they're in a CLASS OF THEIR OWN! CONFIDENCE not COCKINESS!!! Do you know WHY???!!! AYO It's LONELY at the TOP!!!
This track is the first SINGLE from the COMPLETE VersaTIlla * F-Plus PROJECT dropping in the near FUTURE!!! TAP IN and ENJOY!!! Coming to ALL Streaming PLATFORMS SOON!!! Let's GOOO!!! SCHWINGGG!!!

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