Friday, February 2, 2024

They Are Not Expecting Us To Fight by Configa x Tommy Evans


Drs. Configa and Tommy Evans - the world's first producer-rapper-PhD combo - team up for the fifth (and final) single from their upcoming album "Jolicoeur"! With their unique, soulful rap sound, the dynamic duo are true triple OGs in the game. Configa's production credits include hip-hop icons Chuck D and Big Daddy Kane, while Tommy counts the likes of Kylie and Stormzy as fans of his artistry, as well as being sampled by the legendary Dilla!

They Are Not Expecting Us To Fight is a powerful musical start to 2024, addressing both historical injustices and the struggles we face in the years to come. Tommy drops prescient social commentary ("The final days off grid a future iron age") while rap legend Speech (of 2x Grammy winners Arrested Development) showcases both his impeccable lyricism and irrepressible hooks ("The world is melting but not a melting pot / It's sweltering hot!"). Super-producer Configa is on his production A-game as usual, creating an epic soundscape filled with haunting choruses and thunderous drums for these veteran emcees to skate over with their soulful flows. They do not expect the people to fight!

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