Saturday, March 16, 2024

A Forsaken Lover's Plea by Chuck Strangers


"...too G to take a knee, yet I gave you all of me."
A major force in the early '10s NYC rap revival, LA-based rapper and producer Chuck Strangers steps into the spotlight with his new solo LP, A Forsaken Lover's Plea.
The album sounds decidedly lush, with open rhymes bolstered by a slew of guest producers, including The Alchemist, Animoss, and Strangers himself. Chuck's own production feels current without losing its previous coziness, a seamless complement to his honest, lived-in raps.
A Forsaken Lover's Plea is peppered with guest verses from a collection of fellow New York rap torchbearers, from Pro Era comrade Joey Bada$$ & Flatbush Zombies' Erick the Architect to Queens' own Remy Banks.
Strangers' tangled romance with hip-hop is the crux of the project-the culmination of a decade of unwavering dedication to his craft, with its lofty highs, inevitable lows, and harsh lessons in humility, patience, and process.
It's Chuck's most comprehensive solo project since Consumers Park, his 2018 debut, and follows The Boys & Girls EP, released in May 2023.
A Forsaken Lover's Plea is available on heavyweight green vinyl, silver tape and CD.

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