Saturday, March 23, 2024

Beatbangers x Aida x Golden Sneakers International - "Biester im Sumpf"


Consider your next steps when you are in the swamp - the beasts are always on the
on the Lauer!
The next banger is out and we are very happy about this great collaboration with the
talented artists "Rhythm Repertoire" and "Aida"!
Rhythm Rep, originally from the USA and now living in CA, is well known for his
underground circles for his unmistakable instrumentals and versatile styles off the mainstream.
The Queens-MC Aida, when she is not writing books (e.g. "Ask the Alligator"), makes it clear on the
mic, she makes it clear that you should always count on her when it comes to dope bars and
and lazy flows.
The combination does the trick - the pumping, dirty beat makes you nod your head and the raps flow.
symbiotic, a reim-fest for all heads that know no language barriers or know how.
We love it when artists join forces internationally to create, completely in the spirit of this
of this wonderful culture called Hip Hop.

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