Saturday, March 23, 2024

Bunt by Die Hänger


"We let's go slowly, there is nothing in life that can be rushed. Already on their debut EP released in 2013, Hänger made it clear that they themselves are connoisseurs of casualness and advocates of the unrestrained. "To this day, their motto is "Rather do nothing than make a fuss. It took them ten years to complete their long-player. For a duo that calls itself Die Hänger, this is probably the ultimate proof of the authenticity so valued in the rap game. Over the years, the protagonists' hair may have turned a bit gray, and so often the events on this planet are characterized by a dull monotony, a reason for offering a rich musical color palette with "Bunt". Stylistically, the two have stayed true to their roots, but the boombap-laced trademark sound has developed in its own way over the years. In several songs there is even choir singing due to trombones and horns played by Headtrick. The lyrics deal with everyday life, personal anecdotes, the transience of existence and whatever else is on their minds.
In this sense: "This crap is more colorful than a hippie wallpaper!

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