Saturday, March 23, 2024

Cappo & Kong The Artisan - Yardbird

Referencing Charlie Parker's reclusive practice of "shedding," Yardbird finds Cappo retreating deep into his art as part of CANON's Chapter 2, "Escapism.  This video includes lyrics and footnotes that give viewers never-before-seen insights into Cappo's literary technique. 
CANON marks the long-awaited return of critically acclaimed underground rap artist Cappo.  The seventeen-track opus is Cappo's first full-length recording since completing his doctoral dissertation on the literary techniques used by rap artists to convey personal trauma.
Announcing CANON as his "most complete work to date," Cappo describes the new album as representing a monumental personal journey that explores themes of mental health, addiction, pain and trauma, music as escapism, and the concept of absolution, ultimately leading to forgiveness and redemption.

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