Friday, March 8, 2024

Carry Out On Shaw by Shaw Calhoune


Big Eleanor Records presents "Carry Out On Shaw '', the debut album from Shaw Calhoune.
Silver Spring, MD artist Shaw Calhoune is opening a new carry out in an oversaturated market and is not making a lasting impression. While Shaw cooks on his relationship with music, females, himself, peers, and fans with vulnerability and creativity, he still finds new ways to anger every visitor. All sourced from The Kaleidoscope with ingredients by chillin davis, 3rd eye, magnus andretti, brooks xy, ajk, adja adams, no pulp, and Ben Socrates. Even with help from Barry Marz, Cynical Minded, Goldie The Natural, Ty Law, PINK i, JUST PRAH, Sandy Mechelle, and DJ Skruff; "Carry Out On Shaw' never really fits in.

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