Friday, March 1, 2024



Bad Batch has a unique style of production and has gone out of his way to make sure everything he’s created on this project turns a corner, every track is completely different from the last and all of them have layers, journeys and ideas this is not your standard, average Boombap vibe: verse/chorus/verse/chorus isn't in the structure he's taking you some place else.
Track for track this EP constantly changes and evolves and Caskie has ensured his flow, subject matter and energy moves with it completing the synergy.
Caskie has always stretched his flow patterns in this particular project it feels he has adapted his delivery has changed his way of thinking when approaching subject matter and has totally evolved as has his ear.
Everybody's On One will be available on all platforms as of tomorrow (March 1st 2024), below you will find the links to socials and the Distrokid project pre-save link.
The second video and single will be available April 1st.

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