Saturday, March 16, 2024

Der Stille Betrachter (Extended Version) by LST da phunky child


Andreas Grüter: Freelance journalist, author and copywriter about
"Der Stille Betrachter"
Rap lives ...
Oh really ...? you think, and of course, you as a hipster have no idea how many years your fine nose has been in the wind of the beats and all the other crap. Good for you. Then you have also experienced how the once proud Fregatte Rap, "Black America's CNN" (P.E.), has been shot to the bottom of the ocean of meaninglessness by blingbling clichés, thick knobs, and even thicker wagons, only to be stuck as a profane soundtrack bitch for cheap soaps, commercials, and so on and so forth. But hey, you have to make a living and give the people what they want etc... . Exceptions confirm the rule, of course.
And how do I get to the new LST album now, dear child?
Oh well, oh yes, of course, is quite simple, exceptions and so on. On "Der Stille Betrachter" the guy from Cologne doesnŽt care about the trivialities of the genre, but just does his thing - tell stories, have soul, stay real, be an observer. Lovingly critical, but without distanced enlightenment. Rassism, depression, self-reflection and the desire to go on despite everything, instead of showing off with the freshly leased BMW.

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