Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Hybrid Warfare (prod. by IllSheperd) by VersaTIlla & Portarok


New York's VersaTilla teams up with the LEGENDARY Portarok to bring forth a DOPE EP called "Hybrid Warfare" that paints a VIVID lyrical picture with BOTH Emcess delivering a heavy duty ARSENAL of rhymes back to back, over GRITTY production and CUTS from ILLSHEPERD who does a NOTEWORTHY job of keeping the listener FULLY engaged every STEP of the way throughout the ENTIRE project...
If the scene of this EP could be painted, it would DEFINITELY take place in a FUTURISTIC modern day WARFARE setting, where the WOKE, whom the ENEMY has tried to turn into programmable ROBOTS, have had more than ENOUGH of the LIES and have chosen to FIGHT BACK against the OPPOSITION to seek SUPREME JUSTICE and preserve their INTEGRITY and FREEDOM...
This ALSO pertains to the state of Hip Hop as it is TODAY...As far as they are concerned, "Hybrid Warfare" has been DECLARED in the EFFORTLESS attempts to take back what is RIGHTfully the ESSENCE of this ARTFORM with WILLING Emcees volunteering to do BATTLE on the FRONTLINE! !!...REAL Hip Hop means TOO MUCH to the TRUE Artists and CONNOISSEURS to have those with NO respect for it's WORTH turn it into something it NEVER was...for monetary gain!!! After listening, VersaTilla and Portarok will SHOW and PROVE that the RAWEST form of Hip Hop CULTURE is HERE to STAY!!! ENJOY!!!

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