Saturday, March 16, 2024

Invasion! by Paulo Mac the Arpium


Paulo comes out swinging on his latest project, Invasion!
13 songs of pure energy and thought-provoking wordplay, Invasion! is a how-to guide for any up-and-coming emcee.
This is an album for fans of true underground hip-hop, with lyrical mastery and neck-breaking beats.
DJ Sylo provides the beats and really steps up his game this time around. Paulo matches the vibrancy with some of the best rhymes he has ever spit. He sounds like he's got to pay the rent on time, and tracks like "On My Bully" really prove that point.
This is definitely going to be a standout project for Paulo that people will be talking about years from now when they talk about his legacy.
If you're looking for some real in-your-face hip-hop, some unique wordplay, some catchy underground sound - this is it!
Invasion! is an absolute masterpiece from start to finish and has guaranteed replay value!

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