Thursday, March 7, 2024

Purest Ghostin - "LIGHTS OUT" - Produced by Sosick

All of humanity is engaged in a never-ending battle between good and evil, or what we simply call life. Fortunately, life is the sum of all your choices, and ultimately we are what we have chosen to be. Everything is a reflection of a choice you have made. Some choices we are proud of, some we regret, and some will haunt us forever.
New Jersey barber, Purest Ghostin, emerges from the shadows with "Lights Out" to pull back the curtain on everyone's inner struggle to make the right choices and stay on the right side of the spiritual war. The haunting, mesmerizing Sosick-produced backdrop perfectly connects Ghostin's interdimensional wordplay, targeting the evil forces that seek to lure us all to the dark side or simply snuff out our flame. G.I.FILMS' cinematic visuals perfectly document the inner turmoil of actress Linda Wolfe as she battles her life's demons in an old, seedy motel. Purest Ghostin spoke about "Lights Out" and proclaimed, "These are the eternal battles we fight every second we breathe and it is always darkest before dawn, so I hope this radiates strength and perseverance to keep shining no matter what forces continue to extinguish your light. So will you shine or will it be lights out? Never give up. Keep fighting."

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