Sunday, March 31, 2024



It's the return of the Hip Hop Supergroup FRSHRZ!!!
Back with another incredible slice of Adult Contemporary Hip Hop releasing ReMIXTAPE 2 on their label Club FRSH via Believe
Digital UK.
FRSHRZ is made up of three artists (Artcha, Dray Styles & SKANDOUZ) who have been releasing music as a group since their "Control" freestyle back in 2014.
Individually and collectively, FRSHRZ are seasoned live performers as well as entrepreneurs and leaders in community engagement projects in health and education.
With this rich history and experience, each artist brings a unique flow, perspective and dynamic to the group, offering lyrical paintings that capture the mundane and the extraordinary with equal detail, passion and provocation.
The group delivers the follow-up to 2018's groundbreaking ReMIXTAPE (available exclusively on FRSHRZ.Bandcamp).
Even as they mature as men and artists, they challenge themselves by adapting to the changing climate, but instead of standard remixes of hit records, the group explores new territory over a variety of YouTube hip-hop style beats.
This time around with YouTube OnThaBeats, FRSHRZ deliver their signature back2back flows and drop some of their best lyrical work in the group's history.
It is clear that after many years of making music, FRSHRZ still appreciate the craft of hip hop and rap; the cadences, rhyme schemes, punch lines, structure, paying homage to rap greats and wearing their hearts on their sleeves.
ReMIXTAPE 2 makes for a seamless listen that current and new fans will want to listen to over and over again just to catch all the Easter eggs!
Have a good Friday and check out ReMIXTAPE 2. 

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