Sunday, March 17, 2024

Sublingual & Prime Position - Strange Dialect Unity (Prod. Mick Swagger)

Yes folks, you already know what time it is! The brand new debut single from Subz X Prime "Strange Dialect Unity" is here! Dropping on 03/16/2024, this track is the perfect introduction to this killer duo consisting of Sublingual & Prime Position - 'Subz X Prime'. Not only do these two heavyweight MCs know how to rock the mic, they have also been friends for over a decade and know exactly how to bounce off each other's styles, crazy dope lyricism with a whole head of braggadocio! Combine that with some truly top-notch production from one of the UK's most formidable artists 'Mick Swagger' & you have a track that can truly be called a classic hip-hop anthem! So don't wait to get your exclusive pre-release download!

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