Friday, March 8, 2024

Swollen Members - Faceless Kings

Juno Award-winning Canadian hip-hop legends Swollen Members have officially returned with another brand new song titled "Faceless Kings," produced by Rob The Viking and Stylust Beats, available today on all digital platforms. The track is a gritty throwback to the classic Swollen Members sound, anchored by thematic production that allows Madchild and Prevail to flourish lyrically with clever wordplay and methodical punchlines.
"When we decided to dig into the archives and release some unreleased new music, we all agreed that it had to sound like classic Swollen Members. It was important to us to release something that honored the legacy we had created," commented Madchild. "The track 'Faceless Kings' is my personal favorite of the new tracks. It has this eerie beat and sounds like it could fit on Dagger Mouth or Black Magic.
Vancouver's Swollen Members paved the way for hip-hop in the Great White North long before the global fame of artists like Drake or The Weeknd. They went on to earn gold and platinum records, and their performances became legendary, resembling punk and heavy metal concerts with mosh pits and crowd surfing unheard of in hip-hop at the time. In turn, the group cultivated a fanatical fan base, many of whom proudly displayed the Swollen Members' skull logo and battleaxes on their bodies.  The group's intense blend of hip-hop would form a brotherhood that would eventually rise to global heights, celebrated with awards, sold-out shows and critical acclaim.

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