Tuesday, March 12, 2024



"Adwerdz and Piff Penny keep the bangers coming. TALKIN POLITICS" is an earful of top-notch bar work,
over and hardcore boombap track. "Adwerdz's melodic structure engulfs boombap in its purest form. I had a pleasure listening to "Adwerdz" tracks and this producer keeps me engaged and entertained. "Piff Penny" track themes are always well thought out and cover work to the point. "Wreckless" starts this track off with heat. The South Carolina emcee demands attention without warning.

"Piff Penny" hook has an edge that pushes the political envelope. "Passport Scoob" slaps the beat with bar exam answers and the streets were shaken! Passport Scoob asked his brother "Mayor" to regulate the track and "Mayor" delivers flawlessly! Piff Penny closing augments has the fans wondering if there will be an appeal due to the unorthodox output of real facts with no bluffing! These 4 emcees and producers deliver us a straight forward banger! 

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  1. Peace and blessings HHHeadz. I appreciate you all sharing. Allways ♥️🙏🏽👊🏽