Saturday, April 27, 2024

B. Dolan - "Fantasy Baseball"

In the aftermath of emergency spinal surgery that radically altered his perspective and body, B. Dolan emerges from a four-year hiatus from touring and releasing LPs with a new collection of songs, a new stage show, and a harrowing new story to tell.
Written during COVID's lockdown, quarantine and recovery, "The Wound is Not The Body" finds the emcee's stark and confessional lyrics winding through 9 new rap songs littered with strange characters, pandemic fatigue, autobiographical thoughts on hip-hop, life and aging, and a newly forged resolve.
Production from Ant, HEBL, Small Professor, Widowmaker, and Dolan himself provides a soulful and minimalist backdrop as B. Dolan delivers some of the most carefully crafted bars of his life in a leisurely, confident fashion. Aside from impeccable guest vocalist Nya Trysha, who adds vocals to two songs, and Yah-Ra of Planet Asia, who provides some spoken bars, the album is noticeably feature-free. The emcee vocalist is front and center and the songs feel like self-contained movies about moments, impressions and memories.

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