Saturday, April 27, 2024

Blood Spencore vs. Morlockko Plus - Belushi & Aykroyd feat. Morlockk Dilemma

Whiskey in dirty glasses, dried cheese in cardboard boxes, fast food and heartburn... the night seemed to be long. Slowly he got up, shoved down the last piece of cold pizza and slipped into his clumsy Timberland boots. The sun had already disappeared behind the rooftops, but his day was about to begin. One satisfied glance in the mirror and he was ready for new adventures. Ready to break bones or break hearts...
"Breakfast for Champions", the latest ear candy from MOFO Airlines. The chefs Blood Spencore and Morlockko Plus serve up an eleven-course menu for satiating listening pleasure without feeling bloated. Bloody fillet on dirty plates, explicit Gossen poetry on hard Boombap! Grown Man Battlerap with guest contribution from Morlockk Dilemma and cuts from Tivi (Cutcanniballz) and Boba Zettt.

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