Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Emily Dickinson Freestyle by Darius Mullin


While waiting on God's timing can be difficult, the results are often beyond what we can imagine. This is certainly true for Tennessee's own Darius Mullin and his first single since the release of his acclaimed "Ozymandias" in 2020.
Emily Dickinson Freestyle is a high-energy, face-slapping release of tension.
Mullin presents himself on the record in a way that introduces listeners to a new side of him as an artist. Influenced by the heavy-hitters of the boom-bap sound of hip-hop, Mullin combines the angst and emotion often associated with the rock genre to create an unforgettable two-minute listening experience.
For those who may be hearing Darius Mullin for the first time, be sure to check out his back catalog and add Emily Dickinson Freestyle to your favorite playlist!

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