Saturday, April 20, 2024

Omniscence - Stage Presence (feat. Toz Torcha)

Originally slated for release in 1996, North Carolina's Omniscence's "The Raw Factor" is one of the last of the mid-90's unreleased albums to see the light of day. Despite earning The Source's coveted "Hip Hop Quotable" and dropping two well-received singles ("Amazin'" and "Touch Y'all"), record label politics meant the full-length "The Raw Factor" was never released, leaving fans to wonder what might have been.
28 years later, "The Raw Factor" finally arrives on vinyl, CD and digital stores. Featuring punchline-driven lyrics from Omniscence delivered in his signature cadence and backed by head-nodding production from Fanatic, the album is a must-have for fans of 90's hip-hop.
The vinyl and digital versions include 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks from the same era. The CD version contains 2 bonus tracks.
About the single:
"Stage Presence" is a vintage, unreleased single by North Carolina rhyme veteran Omniscence. The song was recorded in 1996, shortly after the recording of what would become his major label debut album, "The Raw Factor". Featuring an appearance from fellow NC spitter Toz Torcha (then of local crew The Vandalz), it's a vintage, head-nodding 90's hip-hop track. The single is produced by Fanatic, who also produced all but one track on The Raw Factor.
Recalling the track, Omniscence said, "It was originally intended as a B-side to a future single from the album. In the intro, you can hear me describing the scene at DJ Clark Kent's 1994 MC Battle for World Supremacy in New York City, which I was competing in. The guy I was up against was declared the winner, but the crowd wanted a rematch because many felt I won.

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