Monday, April 29, 2024

Solitewd by Son Brave


"Is anyone else from Baltimore? Is that a real-that's a real place he's from?" - Sway Calloway
Meet Son Brave. On the second single from the upcoming album, "East 25th Street," we find the Baltimore lyricist attempting to define what it means to be an MC.
Over the lush polyrhythms of Mydus' production, Son Brave contemplates existence. He has "found solitude in home origins," but acknowledges that "the obstacles of life can make happiness a foreign grin.
He also acknowledges the pernicious effects of social media on our lives when he spits, "We all openly embrace this world so pixelated, our real life interactions all delayed!"
Seeking to understand and break this "solitewd", Son Brave presents this as the next installment leading up to the "East 25th Street" album - showing his slice of life in Baltimore. His goal is to release a limited edition of the album on vinyl to help preserve a true piece of Baltimore Hip Hop for future generations. Please like, share and buy the single to help our cause.

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