Thursday, April 18, 2024

Xp The Marxman & IceRocks - Nomads - Atlan Khan

Los Angeles emcee XP The Marxman and Queens producer Ice Rocks of DXA are back on the scene, reigniting their creative fire with a brand new EP, "Nomads: The Amsterdam EP". This project marks a reunion for the duo following their critically acclaimed 2019 release, "Nomads."
Their connection goes deeper than just beats and rhymes.  The title, "Amsterdam," is a nod to the city where XP and Ice Rocks first met in 2012, sparking a creative partnership that's thrived for over a decade.  This EP serves as a delicious appetizer before the main course - a full-fledged "Nomads 2" album, "Nomads: The Amsterdam EP" promises to be a potent blend of XP's sharp lyricism and Ice Rocks' masterful production.  Fresh off the success of their first collaboration, fans can expect an even deeper exploration of the "Nomads" theme, a concept that likely reflects their own journeys as artists and the ever-evolving creative landscape.
Keep your ears peeled for "Nomads: The Amsterdam EP," a project that bridges continents, ignites a long-standing musical friendship, and paves the way for the highly anticipated "Nomads 2" album.

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