Friday, May 3, 2024

40 by Rus 165 & Papilla Bronx


Quaranta was born from the need to describe and talk about the hardship of our generations, to give voice to the stories of our friends and our people. Quaranta is a dark album with smooth atmospheres, it tells of the hardships of Turin, stories of addictions, neighborhood stories, prison stories but always with the intention of telling the truth and not exalting the concept. The album was created to exorcise years spent behind certain situations and environments, thus the collaboration with Neutravel was born, a project that tends to raise public awareness on the use of psycho-active substances and on reducing the damage caused by them. Inside the physical copies of the album and at our stands you will be able to find all the information for this purpose. Neutravel Project: Harm reduction: we act to protect individual and collective health and well-being by putting the person at the centre, enhancing skills, and providing the tools that are missing, without demonizing consumption and judging behaviour. SAFE NIGHT: Chill Out!!! has supported Neutravel in the last two and a half years, contributing to the implementation of both outreach and net reach interventions, allowing for the strengthening of drug checking and alcohol measurement services, strengthening contacts with existing networks and creating new ones , contaminating and collaborating with professionals from sectors other than the social and healthcare sector.

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