Friday, May 31, 2024

And Yet Still by Oddisee


"And Yet Still" is a modern hip hop record inspired by a variety of genres and musical styles.
Oddisee incorporates an unmistakable drill flow on "Had To Improve".
Throw it back to the mid 90's with the two-step, house party vibes of "Llive From The DMV".
"World On Fire" is a lyrical think piece on the current state of the world over a jazz/hip hop infused groove.
Never losing sight of the blessings of life, "Thankful For" blends a 4/6 Moroccan-inspired rhythm with jazz, hip-hop and a promising message.
Oddisee's love for all genres really comes through on "Give Way".
Soulful rock, hip-hop and spoken word all come together on this upbeat track dedicated to acceptance.
Not one to shy away from speaking his mind, Oddisee's title track, "And Yet Still," is an open stream of thought.
All tied together with the use of a soulful groove, steady drum loop and continuous synth lead.

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